Right, time for some P2P! That is direct donations to artists instead of going through sites like Jamendo, ccmixter, bandcamp etc. acting as intermediaries for the artists. This page is to for information if the artists accept Bitcoin directly.

Artist, Date contacted,Comment

Artist Date contacted Comment
Got a reply from the following artists:
Adisa(Adisa McKenzie) Feb 05 2013 Voice found in Sentry by The Runner(BY-3.0) on ccmixter. Is into BTC, and is trying to figure out the best way to use them.
Josh Woodward Dec 03 2012 Was not set up for Bitcoin at that time. Though since at least Sep 8 2014 is set up with a "Bitcoin Donation" button
Kellee Maize Feb 02 2013 Was not aware of Bitcoin, what it is. Current status unknown.
zero-project Sep 27 2014
by email
Didn't know about Bitcoin. Said it sounded very complex in the way I presented it.